Basic Tips on Open House Attendance

When searching for new homes for sale in your area, the open house can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. An open house allows you to learn more about the home, the neighborhood and any other important in-person details you might need to know.

At Cedar Creek, we have a wide variety of open houses for our various new home communities. Here are some basic tips on questions to be prepared with at both existing and model homes, plus a few other pieces of advice we can offer.

Existing Home

If you’re touring an open house in a non-model existing home, here are some potential questions to have ready:

How long has it been on the market?

Why is it being sold?

Is there a deadline for sale?

What items or appliances are included in the sale price?

What’s the square footage?

What repairs are needed or have been done recently?

Are there similar homes available in the neighborhood?

Have there been offers made on this property?

Model Home

On the other hand, many open houses are done using model homes that are meant just for this purpose. A few questions to have ready here that differ from those you might ask in an existing home include:

What floor plan options are available?

What does the warranty cover?

Are move-in ready homes available?

Are there any special incentives or promotions?

Is there an HOA? If so, what do the fees cover?

Other Tips

Here are a few other open house tips regardless of what kind of unit you’re viewing:

Explore the space: Open closets, cabinets, doors and other areas to figure out storage and other space concerns.

Measure: Measure your largest pieces of furniture in advance, then bring a measuring tape to the open house to make sure your items will fit inside.

Family size: Don’t just consider item size – consider family size, as well. If you’re thinking of having kids in the near future, consider that you’ll need more space than you do right now.

For more on handling open houses, or to learn about any of our new homes for sale, speak to the pros at Cedar Creek today.

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