New Homes and Avoiding the Market Crunch

As anyone who has recently searched for new homes for sale can tell you, the housing market in 2018 is a very competitive one. The spring period in particular is being billed as the most competitive season for buyers since the mortgage crisis in 2008, and this can have some major effects on your options as a buyer.

At Cedar Creek, we’re here to present an alternative option: Move into a new construction home like the beautiful homes we have available in our community. Our builders have years of experience, allowing you to customize numerous areas of the home – and perhaps more importantly, allowing you to avoid some of the hassles of this ridiculous housing market. Here are some specific benefits a new construction home brings in this area.

No Inventory Issues

Perhaps the single largest factor in the “tight” housing market we’re currently experiencing is a lack of inventory compared to demand. There simply aren’t as many existing homes on the market as there are individuals and families looking to buy these kinds of homes, and basic laws of supply and demand dictate that this will tighten the market and raise prices for buyers.

With a new construction home through a builder, however, you don’t worry about inventory levels. Your only limitation is available land, which is generally far easier to find than available homes.

Long Term Savings

In many cases, older existing homes will come with several major maintenance or upgrade requirements. You can do your best to narrow down the costs here, but this isn’t always possible in a detailed manner – you’ll often end up with much larger future expenses than you had considered. Again, though, a new construction home is free of these kinds of issues and also covered by a warranty.

More Control

With low selection on the market, you as a buyer have fewer options when it comes to features, amenities and your desired comfort areas. Many buyers are forced to take a sub-optimal deal just because it’s the best one available. With a new home, though, you have control over many of these decisions, with input on several of these vital areas to help you and your family get exactly what you want in the home.

For more on how a newly built home can help you avoid the crunch of a tight housing market, or to learn about any of our new homes for sale, contact the pros at Cedar Creek today.

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