Tips for Securing VA Financing

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At Cedar Creek, we’re proud of all of the clients we serve and provide with beautiful new homes. Perhaps the group we’re most proud of serving, though, with no disrespect to anyone else, is our country’s veterans and active service members, people who protect our country and safety on a daily basis.

Because of this, veterans and their families are often eligible for home loans through the Department of Veterans Affairs. These loans come with very lenient credit and down payment requirements, but with guarantees from the VA that make them perfect for builders and sellers. Here are some tips we can offer our veteran buyers in terms of acquiring a VA loan, then using it to get a great home.

Start Early

Well before you begin looking for a home, look into various parts of the VA loan. Consider pre-qualification and pre-approval in the same way you would for a conventional loan. The further in advance you do this, the fewer issues you have when it comes time for more involved details.


One big part of the early process here is determining your eligibility for VA loans. Requirements are very lenient, as we noted – you just need to meet at least one of the following conditions to qualify:

  • You served on active duty during wartime for at least 90 straight days
  • You served during peacetime for at least 181 consecutive days
  • You served at least six years in the National Guard or reserves
  • You are a surviving spouse of a service member who died in the line of duty, or as a result of a service-related disability

Part of your early preparation will include obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility, which shows your lender you have qualified. You can obtain this online, via mail, or even directly through a lender.

Other Documentation

Along with your Certificate of Eligibility, you’ll also need to provide basic documentation of your finances. This may include your credit, your income basics, and others. Standards here are very generous, again.

Finding a Home

From here, it’s time to find a great home. Your loan qualifications will be in place, meaning you’ll know your price range and the limits on your budget. At this point, you can work with us to get the home of your dreams.

For more on how to acquire VA financing as a veteran, or to browse any of our new homes for sale, speak to the staff at Cedar Creek today.

New Homes and Avoiding the Market Crunch

As anyone who has recently searched for new homes for sale can tell you, the housing market in 2018 is a very competitive one. The spring period in particular is being billed as the most competitive season for buyers since the mortgage crisis in 2008, and this can have some major effects on your options as a buyer.

At Cedar Creek, we’re here to present an alternative option: Move into a new construction home like the beautiful homes we have available in our community. Our builders have years of experience, allowing you to customize numerous areas of the home – and perhaps more importantly, allowing you to avoid some of the hassles of this ridiculous housing market. Here are some specific benefits a new construction home brings in this area.

No Inventory Issues

Perhaps the single largest factor in the “tight” housing market we’re currently experiencing is a lack of inventory compared to demand. There simply aren’t as many existing homes on the market as there are individuals and families looking to buy these kinds of homes, and basic laws of supply and demand dictate that this will tighten the market and raise prices for buyers.

With a new construction home through a builder, however, you don’t worry about inventory levels. Your only limitation is available land, which is generally far easier to find than available homes.

Long Term Savings

In many cases, older existing homes will come with several major maintenance or upgrade requirements. You can do your best to narrow down the costs here, but this isn’t always possible in a detailed manner – you’ll often end up with much larger future expenses than you had considered. Again, though, a new construction home is free of these kinds of issues and also covered by a warranty.

More Control

With low selection on the market, you as a buyer have fewer options when it comes to features, amenities and your desired comfort areas. Many buyers are forced to take a sub-optimal deal just because it’s the best one available. With a new home, though, you have control over many of these decisions, with input on several of these vital areas to help you and your family get exactly what you want in the home.

For more on how a newly built home can help you avoid the crunch of a tight housing market, or to learn about any of our new homes for sale, contact the pros at Cedar Creek today.

New Construction Homes for First-Time Homebuyers

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you’ve spent a lot of time and hard work building up the funds to purchase your first house. You naturally want to get every drop of value possible out of one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your entire life.

At Cedar Creek, we’re here to help. Did you realize that there are several specific benefits to a new construction home like the new homes we have for sale in our communities? These benefits can range from aesthetic to potentially financial, and they can be meaningful. Here are a few benefits of new construction homes to know.

Move-In Ready

In many cases, first-time buyers gravitate toward “starter homes” – a fancy way of saying an older home that requires some fixes. These homes will often offer minor savings at the point of purchase, but if you consider all the upkeep and expenses that will go into maintenance over a period of years, they’re actually far worse long-term investments.

New construction homes, on the other hand, come with none of these issues. New homes are move-in ready right away, limiting expenses and future time commitments.

All Your Desired Features

When you purchase a previously used home, the features are what they are – if you want to change them, you have to undergo an expensive remodeling process. This likely means you’ll have to compromise in some areas. With a new home, however, you have discretion to choose features even as the home is being built.

Location Choices

Existing homes also come with existing locations, which might not be perfect for your needs. If you work with a new home builder, though, you get access to several locations with a broad range of homes available.

Low Maintenance Costs

Everything is new in a new construction home, and this generally means it’ll be a few years at least before you have to do any significant maintenance or repairs. In addition, you get the benefit of a new home warranty that covers many defects – you don’t get any of this kind of protection when purchasing a previously owned home.

For more on the benefits of a newly constructed home, or to view any of our new homes for sale, speak to the pros at Cedar Creek today.

Basic Tips on Open House Attendance

When searching for new homes for sale in your area, the open house can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. An open house allows you to learn more about the home, the neighborhood and any other important in-person details you might need to know.

At Cedar Creek, we have a wide variety of open houses for our various new home communities. Here are some basic tips on questions to be prepared with at both existing and model homes, plus a few other pieces of advice we can offer.

Existing Home

If you’re touring an open house in a non-model existing home, here are some potential questions to have ready:

How long has it been on the market?

Why is it being sold?

Is there a deadline for sale?

What items or appliances are included in the sale price?

What’s the square footage?

What repairs are needed or have been done recently?

Are there similar homes available in the neighborhood?

Have there been offers made on this property?

Model Home

On the other hand, many open houses are done using model homes that are meant just for this purpose. A few questions to have ready here that differ from those you might ask in an existing home include:

What floor plan options are available?

What does the warranty cover?

Are move-in ready homes available?

Are there any special incentives or promotions?

Is there an HOA? If so, what do the fees cover?

Other Tips

Here are a few other open house tips regardless of what kind of unit you’re viewing:

Explore the space: Open closets, cabinets, doors and other areas to figure out storage and other space concerns.

Measure: Measure your largest pieces of furniture in advance, then bring a measuring tape to the open house to make sure your items will fit inside.

Family size: Don’t just consider item size – consider family size, as well. If you’re thinking of having kids in the near future, consider that you’ll need more space than you do right now.

For more on handling open houses, or to learn about any of our new homes for sale, speak to the pros at Cedar Creek today.

Factors in Custom Home Construction Times

For those looking for a new home, a custom home built by high-level professionals at Cedar Creek is often a great option. A custom home allows you more control over many of the specifics of your living situation moving forward, and our Perth new home builders RedInk Homes have years of experience helping you get exactly what you want in a new home.

One of the primary questions we get from our clients: How long will my custom home take to build? There is no set response here – the answer depends on several important factors, which we’ll look at here.

Basic Factors

Many of the factors that go into the length of time it will take to build your home are relatively simple. These include areas like the size and complexity of the home being built, the area it’s being built in, and the time of year construction is beginning in.

In most cases, custom homes take between eight and 16 months to build if everything goes according to plan, and if the lot is clear to build on from the start. In some cases, weather conditions could have a significant effect on the timeline.

Customer Factors

You may not realize it, but one of the biggest variables in custom home build times is the customer themselves. Customers have to make a lot of decisions during this process, and builders might lose days or even weeks if these decisions aren’t made in a timely manner. Any change orders generally increase the building time, especially if they’re made later in the building process when many structures are already in place.

Design and Purchase Plans

On top of the time it takes to build a home, consider the time it will take to design and modify any purchase plans. Remember that these plans have to be approved by local building departments, and for designs that include a specific architect, this process can take months. There are also often permits to consider, which should be done in advance.

For more on the timing of a custom home build, or to learn about any of our new homes for sale, speak to the professionals at Cedar Creek today.

How Planned Communities Minimize Gridlock

If you’re considering a new home, there are numerous factors that might be part of your considerations. Items like location, price, amenities, nearby locations and many others will all play a role in the new homes you look into.

One that sometimes flies under the radar? Traffic. Crowding is becoming a larger and larger issue in many major metropolitan areas and even many suburbs, and heavy traffic can be a significant factor for some home buyers. With a master-planned community like Cedar Creek, however, you avoid major traffic and gridlock issues – how does this happen? Let’s take a look.

Gridlock on the Rise

There are over 250 million cars and trucks on the road in the United States alone, and by the year 2050, this number is expected to reach over 2.5 billion. The average American spends over 40 hours sitting in traffic or gridlock, and over $10 billion in fuel is lost per year just in this country from congestion. It’s abundantly clear that in many parts of the country, traffic and gridlock are major issues that cause losses of time, resources and money.

How Master-Planned Communities Help

Unlike urban cities that were often built centuries ago, master-planned communities have many more ways to limit traffic congestion. Established cities have streets and roads that have come into existence based on necessity over the years, but there’s no guarantee that this was done in a well-planned or organized manner – most big cities, in fact, are specifically unorganized.

A new home community, on the other hand, have carefully planned roadways and transportation. All transportation needs are considered in advance, and experts are included in the formation of a traffic system that allows for far more convenience and virtually no issues of gridlock.

For more on how a community like ours helps eliminate gridlock, or to learn about any of our new homes for sale, speak to the pros at Cedar Creek today.

Benefits of a Master-Planned Community

At Cedar Creek, we’re proud to provide Kansas City with its largest master-planned community. Over 1,200 families have found a new home in Cedar Creek, and many more will do so in the coming year.

Within a master-planned community – defined as a mix of residential homes and business parks – homeowners and families see a number of specific benefits that they may not find in other areas. What are some of these benefits? Let’s take a look.


A big part of the emphasis that goes into a master-planned community is variety. This isn’t a rote, standardized community where every house is built in the same way and an overhead view makes it looks like a Sims game.

No, a master-planned community will often feature a dozen or more different homebuilders, all with distinct styles. There will be a wide variety of homes and prices available, with a specific eye on making sure different styles and desires are met.


Master-planned communities will come with well-kept amenities that you often have to pay more for in other arrangements. These might include pools, athletic courts, fitness centers, club houses, or even the beautiful golf course that’s located in Cedar Creek.


For families and people looking for a great sense of community, a master-planned neighborhood is a great option. These communities come with well-lit streets, wide sidewalks, community gathering areas and more. Homes generally have nice front porches and other inviting elements.


Roadways and other forms of transportation are planned in advance for a given master-planned community. This ensures good traffic flow and a general lack of congestion, plus safety for children who play near roads.

Natural Surroundings

A 2008 study found that the single most desired amenity in a community was nature trails, and these are a big part of a master-planned community. Areas like parks, sports fields, walking/hiking paths and many others are part of the planning that goes into a community.

For more on why a master-planned community might be right for you, or to find out about any of our new homes for sale, speak to the pros at Cedar Creek today.

Valley Ridge is HERE!

Lots are now available for reservation in our first two phases of Valley Ridge. Contact our sales office for lot availability and prices. Lots feature walkout, daylight, flat and uphill homesites with various views. Model Row is to be completed in the Spring of 2018 with builders: C&M Builders, James Engle Custom Homes, Roeser Homes, New Mark Homes and Gabriel Homes.

Spring Parade of Homes in Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek has 6 custom build homes on parade this spring. Homes are featured by builders: Braklow Custom Homes, Don Julian Builders, Todd Hill Homes, James Engle Custom Homes, C&M Builders and Roeser Homes. Come Visit these and all the homes in Cedar Creek. To secure your homes, look for to see their different security installation offers with the best prizes. Investing in this kind of device is not just for everyone’s safety but also for your peace of mind.

C&M Builders furnished home in Hidden Lake Estates.

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