Don Julian Builders

There are many routes to becoming a legend in the home building business. Some stem from the art of craftsmanship passed from generation to generation. Or perhaps a “knack” for building is discovered as early as the first swing of a hammer. Or it could be as simple as hard work and determination to do exactly what you say you are going to do. Combine these factors with ingenuity and an inherent passion for excellence, and you have the story of Don Julian Builders.

Don Julian is one of those remarkable individuals who for the past 25 years has set a new standard for design, quality and outstanding customer service in the home building industry. His unique architectural designs and innovative, award-winning floor plans have become a Julian trademark in metropolitan Kansas City. Through the firm’s in-house design center, Don draws upon resources of an architectural staff, interior designer, and a fully equipped decorating studio. As a result, each home constructed by Don Julian Builders is the product of creativity, ingenuity and precise planning. As further evidence of Julian’s talent to meet the market demands of changing lifestyles, he is credited with the successful development of several upscale communities.