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When asked what advice he would give to a new home builder, Bruce Rieke readily replied “Communication, communication, communication.” Communication is a key strategy for his building company, B.L. Rieke and Associates, Inc.

“Whether you’re married or building a home, if you don’t communicate within the relationship it doesn’t work,” Rieke stated. “If someone calls me during office hours, Monday through Friday, they’re going to get a return call quickly.”

This type of communication is something Rieke and his team of employees strive for daily. It is the simple process of returning all phone calls and responding as quickly as possible to their customers’ needs. The company established numerous ways to communicate within its network – from mobile phones, to pagers, to a two-way radio system – in order to make its staff readily accessible.

B.L. Rieke emphasizes the team approach to successfully produce quality homes to meet the ever changing needs of today’s distinctive home buyers. Rieke draws a lot of support from his family. Toni, his wife of nearly 15 years, is active in the business in a variety of jobs, ranging from accounting to decorating. Their eight-year old daughter, Savannah, “keeps the typewriter busy.”

Bruce Rieke has been involved in the building industry from an early age with a desire to produce distinctive, quality homes. The many awards and recognition BL Rieke has revised throughout the years shows that this dedication and distinctive approach to the home building process has been acknowledged.